1. Accelerated Mobile Page Code Validator
    Shows Errors Displayed Inline Alongside The Html Source Of The Page
  2. Answer The Public
    Enter Your Keyword For Suggested Content Research
  3. Barcode And QR Generator
    Linear Barcodes, 2D Codes, GS1 DataBar, Postal Barcodes and many more!
  4. Convert PNG to SVG
    Advanced online tool to convert PNG files to SVG.
  5. Coverr
    Beautiful, Free Videos For Your Homepage 7 New Videos Every Monday
  6. CSS Inliner Tool
    Just Paste Your Email's Html Below, Click Convert, And You'll Get A More Email-Friendly Version
  7. CSS Validation Service
    Enter The URL Of A Document To Validated
  8. Dirty Markup
    Cleans Up Your Messy Code - HTML and CSS
  9. Down or No Right Now
    Checks to see if a server is down right now.
  10. Easy CSS3 Generator
    Easily Generate Useful Snippets Of Css3
  11. Encode MD5
    Makes encripted password, for example, for Password Rescue in MyPHPAdmin
  12. Format CSS Code
    Format Your Code To The Style You Prefer
  13. Google Analytics
    Google Analytics Solutions Offer Marketing Analytics Products For Businesses
  14. Google Console
    Used To Be Called Webmaster tools, Now It Is Called Search Console.
  15. Google Mobile Friendly Tester
    Is Your Web Page Mobile-Friendly?
  16. Hangout
    An experiment in Screen Sharing
  17. Icons for everything
    Nearly a million curated icons, created by a global community - Must get account to use
  18. Is It WordPress
    Check what WP theme a site is using.
  19. New OCR
    OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Takes Text On Image And Converts To Editable Text
  20. Noise
    Noise to block Noises
  21. Pixelr
    Online Photo Editor Like Photoshop
  22. Screenfly
    Test Your Website On Multiple Devices For Responsiveness
  23. Sitemap Maker
    Create An Xml Sitemap. Helps Search Engines Crawl Your Website Better.
  24. Smart Mockups
    Create Product Screenshots With Just A Few Clicks, For Free!
  25. Text Mechanicâ„¢
    Text Manipulation Tools
  26. Tin Eye
    Reverse Image Search
  27. TinyURL
    Create A Tiny Url That Will Not Break In Email Postings And Never Expires
  28. Unsplash
    Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.