Moose Tools | DOWNLOAD ZIP

  1. AMP Responsive Rapid :: Very Fast Amp Page Structure And Application Builder
  2. Responsive PHP Email :: Responsive PHP Email System
  3. Sprite Navigation :: Sets Up A Sprite Navigation Scheme
  4. CSS Animation Wizard :: Creates CSS3 Animations
  5. Responsive Classes :: Creates The Classes That Help Make A Site Responsive
  6. Email Blast Wizard :: Writes Responsive, Graphical HTML Email Blasts
  7. Pretty Lightbox Wizard :: Create a Lightbox Gallery
  8. Striped Down Bootstrap Carousel :: Simple Slider Using Bootstrap. Lots Of Advanced Features Removed.
  9. Color Help :: Simple Color Helper For Backgrounds And Text.
  10. Email Blast Wizard :: Writes Responsive, Graphical HTML Email Blasts
  11. Sprite Navigation :: Creating A Nav Bar With Sprites
  12. Sprite Navigation Animation :: Tool For Animating The Above Sprite Navbar
  13. I Frame Wizard :: Creates A Simple Graphic Mouseover
  14. Super Responsive/WordPress :: Creates Responsive Pages For AMP, Wordpress, And Tumblr
  15. Sprite Animation Wizard :: Animates A Graphical Strip
  16. Sort Table Data :: Creates The Ability To Sort Tables By Columns By Clicking On The Th Content
  17. Count records in table :: Counts How Many Records Contain The Given Word In A Databasetable
  18. Bar Chart from Table Wizard :: Creates A Barchart Using Data In A Table In A Database
  19. Database Responsive Table :: Creates A Table With Datafrom a Database That Is Responsive
  20. PHP Database Management System :: Creates A Database Management System
  21. If Than in PHP :: Writes a PHP Conditional (if Than)
  22. Basic CRUD :: Creates A Very Simple Curd Page (Create, Report, Update, Delete)
  23. Schema Maker (JSON-LD) :: Creates A Schema For Seo Purposes
  24. Facebook/Twitter Cards :: Creates The Code For Twitter And Facebook Cards
  25. sitemap.xml Maker :: Creates A File That Writes A Sitemap.Xml For Every File In A Root Folder
  26. Amp I-Frame :: Makes An AMP Iframe
  27. Amp CMS Creator :: Creates An AMP XML CMS (!!!)
  28. XML App Creator :: Creates An Page Maintainable With XML
  29. Amp Navigation :: Creates An AMP Flyout Menu
  30. PDF Creation Wizard :: Creates A Page That Creates A PDF Document
  31. PHP Email Form Wizard (old) :: Creates A PHP Email Form For Websites.
  32. Learning Responsive :: For Teaching Responsive Principles
  33. Secure a Page :: PHP That Makes A Page Secure Thru Sessions
  34. Mouseover Script :: Creates One Graphical Mouseover Script And Html
  35. Paypal Shop & Button :: Creates A Paypal Product Page Or Link
  36. Recruiter Response :: Response To Recruiter Offers
  37. CSS Positioning :: Teaches Css Positioning With Releative And Absolute Declarations
  38. CSS Menu Wizard :: Creates A Menu, Horizontal Or Vertical
  39. CSS Menu Wizard RGB :: Modified CSS Menu Wizard With RGB Visual Color Selections
  40. Tool Maker :: Creates Tools Using AngularJS
  41. Email Form Wizard Tutor :: Like The PHP Email Form Wizard Above, This Tool Explains The Process And Code
  42. Decision :: Makes Decisions Easy And Collabrative
  43. Select All Creator :: Creates The Php Script For "Select Code"
  44. Scroll Paralax 1 :: Creates A Paralax Page With Lots Of Anaimaation
  45. Cookies and Sessions :: Wizard That Sets Up Cookies And Sessions
  46. Angular Option Wizard 1 :: Creates Options For Angular Tool
  47. PayPal Responsive :: Creates A Paypal Shop For A Website
  48. Wordpress Widget Wizard :: Makes Wordpress Plugins
  49. Sitemap XML for Images :: Make a Sitemap for Images on a page
  50. AMP Lightbox Gallery :: Make A Sitemap For Images On A Page
  51. Code Tester :: Small Utility To Test Code
  52. Table Maker :: Wizard To Create Responsive Tables
  53. Coding Practice :: Makes A Page For Learning Html And Other Code
  54. Generation Dropdowns :: Those Dropdowns That Depend On The Previous Choice
  55. Booklett Builder 1 :: Easy Way To Make An Online Booklett
  56. Mooseifer WP Theme Customizer :: Use This To Implement And Customize The "Mooseifer Links" Wordpress Theme
  57. WordPress Widget Creator :: Creates The Beginings Of A Wordpress Plugin. You Have To Know A Little Bit Of Php.
  58. CSS Circle Nav Button :: Tool to make a circular Navigation Button.
  59. Grid Wizard :: Create Custom Grid Printouts for Design
  60. Persona Wizard :: Helps To Create A Persona For Your Design Project
  61. HTML5 Structure :: Creates Proper HTML5 Structure For Articles And Sections
  62. Tool Tip :: Creates Tool tips
  63. Calendar Creator :: Creates A Calendar For School And Other Use
  64. JavaScript Fun :: Exercises in modifying and customizing JavaScript Snippets
  65. New Larger Description Meta :: Create a Description Meta Tag up to 300 Characters
  66. AMP From Elements :: Snippets that are used to turn a regular form into an AMP Form
  67. MP3 Button Bar :: Creates a Five Button MP3 Button Bar (CRB)
  68. PHP Includes :: Creates the scripts for PHP Includes, Regular and WordPress
  69. Hex to RGB :: Converts A Hexidecimal Color To RGB
  70. Display: None | Block :: Helps To Show And Hide Multiple Divs In CSS
  71. Accessibility Tool :: Scripts To Help You Make Your Site More Accessible
  72. HTML > HTML5 Converter :: Helps Turn Html Coding Into Html Structure
  73. Leader List :: Makes A List Like A Price List With ....... Between Item And Price
  74. Link Farm :: Helps In Creating Curated Links At Mooseifer.Com
  75. XML AMP CMS :: Creates An Amp Site Using Xml To Store Data
  76. ReCaptcha :: Creates code to make google's Recatcha Work