Database ??
You must know your Database name, Username to that Database and its Password
Tablename ??
This is the name of the table in the Database. No Spaces or Special Characters
Name Of Site
Emailer For Auto
Form Name ??
This has many functions. It will be the name of the form and the name of your script files. Single space. Make it something understandable.
App Username ??
App Username and App Password will be used to log into the Database Management System. Make it secure!
App Password
First Field First Label ??
The Fields will be the names of the Columns in the Database. Single spaces for them.

The Labels will be what the human beings who use your Database Management system will see as labels to the fields. Make them sensable. Spaces allowed. Also, the labels will appear on entry, search and report forms.

Last Field Last Label ??
Yeah, yeah. This is dumb. I will fix this some day. But whatever your last field will be, use these two boxes.

Get over it for now.

Field 02 Label 02
Field 03 Label 03
Field 04 Label 04
Field 05 Label 05
Field 06 Label 06
Field 07 Label 07
Field 08 Label 08
Field 09 Label 09
Field 10 Label 10
Field 11 Label 11
Field 12 Label 12
Field 13 Label 13
Field 14 Label 14
Field 15 Label 15
Field 16 Label 16
Field 17 Label 17
Field 18 Label 18
Field 19 Label 19