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About Mooseifer

I Taught at Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Southfield Michigan. Among the subjects that I taught were Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and more. I have been into graphics since high school (the early 70s) and as an Army photographer. I picked up a computer (the kid’s) in the mid-nineties and got into Web Design, becoming the webmaster (a brand new term at the time) of the largest tool and die/robotics company in the world. I did web and graphics work for CBS radio along with freelancing bunches of web and other projects.

The reason I went through the above history (zzzz) is to let you know that I have been doing this for a long time. But even so, years of involvement do not matter much because “all things have become new”. The technologies, styles, software and strategies change daily. To do things like they were done in the nineties would be catastrophic! To remain relevant is to constantly stay up on all the changes.

Therefore, to make sure I am applying the most modern techniques and, so much more important, to be sure that I taught my students the latest approaches, I scoured the web for updates in my industry. When I come across an article that is informative and that I think my students should have, I link it here on Mooseifer.

As I write this, There are over 8,448 Posts that can be searched. I have proceeded with this project keeping in mind that most of my students will be viewing the site on their handheld device. The site is as simple as can be but fast loading and mobile friendly. I don’t expect to receive any design awards from this!

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