Moose Tools

  1. Sort Table Data

    Creates The Ability To Sort Tables By Columns By Clicking On The Th Content

  2. Count records in table

    Counts How Many Records Contain The Given Word In A Databasetable

  3. Bar Chart from Table Wizard

    Creates A Barchart Using Data In A Table In A Database

  4. Database Responsive Table

    Creates A Table With Datafrom a Database That Is Responsive

  5. PHP Database Management System

    Creates A Database Management System

  6. If Than in PHP

    Writes a PHP Conditional (if Than)

  7. Basic CRUD

    Creates A Very Simple Curd Page (Create, Report, Update, Delete)

  8. Schema Maker (JSON-LD)

    Creates A Schema For Seo Purposes

  9. Facebook/Twitter Cards

    Creates The Code For Twitter And Facebook Cards

  10. sitemap.xml Maker

    Creates A File That Writes A Sitemap.Xml For Every File In A Root Folder

  11. Amp I-Frame

    Makes An AMP Iframe

  12. Amp CMS Creator

    Creates An AMP XML CMS (!!!)

  13. XML App Creator

    Creates An Page Maintainable With XML

  14. Amp Navigation

    Creates An AMP Flyout Menu

  15. PDF Creation Wizard

    Creates A Page That Creates A PDF Document

  16. Sprite Navigation

    Sets Up A Sprite Navigation Scheme

  17. CSS Animation Wizard

    Creates CSS3 Animations

  18. PHP Email Form Wizard

    Creates A PHP Email Form For Websites.

  19. Responsive Classes

    Creates The Classes That Help Make A Site Responsive

  20. Learning Responsive

    For Teaching Responsive Principles

  21. Email Blast Wizard

    Writes Responsive, Graphical HTML Email Blasts

  22. Sprite Animation Wizard

    Animates A Graphical Strip

  23. Secure a Page

    PHP That Makes A Page Secure Thru Sessions

  24. Mouseover Script

    Creates One Graphical Mouseover Script And Html

  25. I Frame Wizard

    Creates A Simple Graphic Mouseover

  26. Paypal Shop & Button

    Creates A Paypal Product Page Or Link

  27. Recruiter Response

    Response To Recruiter Offers

  28. CSS Positioning

    Teaches Css Positioning With Releative And Absolute Declarations

  29. CSS Menu Wizard

    Creates A Menu, Horizontal Or Vertical

  30. CSS Menu Wizard RGB

    Modified CSS Menu Wizard With RGB Visual Color Selections

  31. Tool Maker

    Creates Tools Using AngularJS

  32. Email Form Wizard Tutor

    Like The PHP Email Form Wizard Above, This Tool Explains The Process And Code

  33. Decision

    Makes Decisions Easy And Collabrative

  34. Select All Creator

    Creates The Php Script For “Select Code”

  35. Scroll Paralax 1

    Creates A Paralax Page With Lots Of Anaimaation

  36. Super Responsive/WordPress

    Creates Responsive Pages For AMP, WordPress, And Tumblr

  37. Cookies and Sessions

    Wizard That Sets Up Cookies And Sessions

  38. Angular Option Wizard 1

    Creates Options For Angular Tool

  39. PayPal Responsive

    Creates A Paypal Shop For A Website

  40. WordPress Widget Wizard

    Makes WordPress Plugins

  41. Sitemap XML for Images

    Make a Sitemap for Images on a page

  42. AMP Lightbox Gallery

    Make A Sitemap For Images On A Page

  43. Sprite Navigation

    Creating A Nav Bar With Sprites

  44. Sprite Navigation Animation

    Tool For Animating The Above Sprite Navbar

  45. Code Tester

    Small Utility To Test Code

  46. Table Maker

    Wizard To Create Responsive Tables

  47. AMP Responsive Rapid

    Very Fast Amp Page Structure And Application Builder

  48. Coding Practice

    Makes A Page For Learning Html And Other Code

  49. Color Help

    Simple Color Helper For Backgrounds And Text.

  50. Generation Dropdowns

    Those Dropdowns That Depend On The Previous Choice

  51. Booklett Builder 1

    Easy Way To Make An Online Booklett

  52. Mooseifer WP Theme Customizer

    Use This To Implement And Customize The “Mooseifer Links” WordPress Theme

  53. WordPress Widget Creator

    Creates The Beginings Of A WordPress Plugin. You Have To Know A Little Bit Of Php.

  54. Striped Down Bootstrap Carousel

    Simple Slider Using Bootstrap. Lots Of Advanced Features Removed.

  55. CSS Circle Nav Button

    Tool to make a circular Navigation Button.

  56. Pretty Lightbox Wizard

    Create a Lightbox Gallery

  57. Grid Wizard

    Create Custom Grid Printouts for Design

  58. Persona Wizard

    Helps To Create A Persona For Your Design Project

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